Why I Paint

The busiest time of the year is nearly here again. At Warline, we are preparing to expand our workforce for a busy spring and summer to paint interiors and exteriors. With upcoming painting projects all over the lower mainland, we have started the process of interviewing and hiring talented painters.

I usually have guys meet me on job sites so that they can get an idea of the type of work that we do and likewise if they feel confident that they are qualified to work for us. It immediately gives them an understanding of Warline’s high standards and how our company is different from most others in the industry. At this time, we go into detail about everything from our code of conduct, safety practices, our emphasis on quality workmanship and most importantly to my hands on approach to managing a job.

I’m inevitably asked by every guy “You’re still on the tools?”

I am always amused when potential employees make a comment that they are surprised to see the founder and president of a busy painting company still painting. Even though I am often on the road all over Vancouver and the Fraser Valley meeting with new clients to provide estimates and managing the existing projects, I still make an effort to do hands on work when I can.

I’ll pick up a brush, roller, sprayer or power washer for a number of reasons. First and foremost it keeps me hands on to new products and tools in the industry. I love trying a new product or sander to see how it performs. I also paint because I believe that it gives our painters a measuring stick for what I expect in work ethic, production and safety. Seeing the boss at the top of a ladder reminds them that I don’t just talk the talk, but that I can actually do the work to the standards that I expect from everyone who works for us.

But most often I paint because I love the work.

I started in this trade while I was in university and once school was completed I thought that I would “get a real job”. However, it didn’t take long to realize that this business was where I wanted to be. I had developed a real passion for this craft and I was excited about the possibility to eventually be my own boss and build a business from scratch. Twenty years later, I am running Warline Painting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am busy enough managing the business that I never have to pick up a paintbrush again. But there is a certain level of satisfaction that can only be obtained by doing physical labour. When this labour helps to complete a project to our high standards and our clients love the look of their property, I know I have succeeded.

I might not be like presidents of other painting companies, but I staked my name and reputation on this company. I am committed to standing out in an industry that has unfortunately developed a poor reputation. Picking up a brush, climbing a ladder and putting in a hard day of work, reminds me of where I started, why I do this and what I expect of those that work for me.

On a side note, if you are a painter looking for work, I invite you to check out our careers section on our website and especially our code of conduct. If you think you have what it takes to join our team, drop me an email at warren@warline.ca and we can set up a time to meet.



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