When Should You get the Outside of Your House Painted?

In September and the phone does not stop ringing. It’s not a bad problem to have and I am not complaining.  I just can’t get over how busy the phones are in September for requests for estimates for exterior house repainting jobs, that homeowners want to get done before the weather changes.

I’ve talked to other painters that experience the same thing and we all agree it comes down to weather.  Lousy spring weather takes exterior painting off the radar for most homeowners. I can track highs and lows in painting inquiries against good and bad weather. Rainy day – the phone is quiet. Sunny day – I never get off the phone. With the blessedly beautiful

Rainy day – the phone is quiet. Sunny day – I never get off the phone. With the blessedly beautiful

An unseasonably, warm September means procrastinating homeowners suddenly are thinking about getting the house painted before the summer ends.

It begs the question “when is the best time to get the exterior of your house painted?”  Here are some points to consider.

September is Pushing It

This is Vancouver. There isn’t much time to get exterior painting done before Fall weather is here. Even with the sun shining there are still limitations on what can be done. It is regularly getting below 10 degrees Celsius at night. Dew and dampness will impact how many hours there are in a day that are productive for exterior painting.

The good painters are busy. They are fulfilling their contracts and completing work for clients that booked earlier in the summer. If you are looking to get your house painted now and find a painter with a wide-open schedule, there is probably a reason.

It’s still a good time to call

Even though we are now booking for next year, we are busy doing estimates for homeowners now. The sun is still setting later and doing on-site walk around of houses can be done in the early evening with homeowners that work during the day. It’s also much easier to see the condition of a house on a dry sunny day than in the middle of winter when there could be a couple of inches of snow on everything. Getting a painting estimate now also means you get the benefit of a pre-winter walk around with a professional to see if there are any issues around your home that need immediate attention before another winter season is here.

You’re first on the list for next year

Planning now your exterior paint projects for next year also puts you at the top of the list for scheduling in the spring so you get to enjoy your freshly painted house all summer long. And since getting the exterior of your house painted is one of the bigger maintenance projects, getting prices now gives you lots of time to work it into annual budgets. At Warline, we guarantee our pricing now for projects starting next spring. That protects you from unexpected price increases from increased labour and/or product costs.

So, while it might be a bit late this season for getting your house painted this year, why not turn that procrastination into being proactive and get an early start on next year’s painting?

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