Project Name: West Hampstead Strata Repaint

Scope of Work: Exterior Repainting

Location: UBC, Vancouver, BC

Complete: Summer 2015

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This large strata townhouse complex was completed in 2015 by the crew at Warline Painting. We were on site for approximately five weeks and painted all siding and trim as well as railings and lamp standards.


In addition to painting carpentry services were required on this project due to several areas of wood rot. Warline’s in-house team of carpenters worked along side paint crews to efficiently take care of all wood replacement. The paint crew was able to back prime all wood before installation, extending the life of the repairs.

It was a large project but we enjoyed working on site with all the friendly and cooperative residents. An organized and communicative strata council also made this project an enjoyable part of our summer.

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