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Warline Services

For all your painting needs

Painting Vancouver’s Finest Heritage & Executive Homes

We are YOUR Vancouver Painters!

Do you consider yourself demanding and expect the best in quality and service when you hire a Vancouver painter?

At Warline Painting, we love working with heritage and executive homeowners with high demands. It is where we shine the brightest. We use premium quality paint products and our team of experienced professional Vancouver painters will ensure every stage of the painting process, from prep to clean up, is done with exceptional care and expertise.

We recognize the cost to live in this amazing city and the high value of the homes in it. As a result, Warline has built our paint business on a reputation of providing exceptional service and the highest quality in Vancouver painting to homeowners throughout the lower mainland.

So whether you are renovating a Vancouver special, restoring a heritage home in Kerrisdale or even building a laneway home in Kitsilano, we can help you ensure all of your interior and exterior painting needs are taken care of with our premier painting services.

From Our Customers

The Warline Warranty

At Warline Painting our warranty is pretty simple.

We guarantee our work and the products we use for a minimum of two years. If during that time you have a problem, we come out and fix it. Not a whole lot of conditions. Why? Because we do the proper prep and cleaning before we start painting, we don’t paint over rotten wood and we use the right products on your house. If we see a potential problem, we bring it to your attention and address it before we paint. We also believe that all the reasons why a problem occurs are not nearly as important and getting the problem solved. So if in the rare case that there is a problem with the actual paint, we will deal with the paint company for you and we make sure that the problem is solved.

The Warline Way