True Colour Grant Painters

Every year the Vancouver Heritage Foundation provides assistance through grants for homeowners of historical homes on the heritage registry. The grant provides assistance through colour selection and guidance, Benjamin Moore paint and rebates on labour.

Applications for grants must be submitted along with three estimates from the list of approved paint contractors. The annual submission deadline is February 1st.

Warline’s approach to working on heritage homes is different. We understand old wood and the challenges with multiple layers of previous coatings. Many of these old houses have asbestos and lead paint which requires special handling and systems to protect residents and our crew from inhaling toxic dust and particles. We use Hepa filtered dust extractors to protect owners, residents, neighbours and our own crew while working on these homes.

We also use scaffolding on old houses whenever possible. Scaffolding allows us to have better access to high peaks and areas difficult to reach with ladders. This allows us to spend more time on prep on surfaces that are the most exposed to sun and weather. It means we can often extend the life of the paint job as well as the underlying wood.

Our in-house carpentry team is specialized in restoring old heritage houses. We can replace custom shingles and old trim to match existing profiles so that we don’t compromise the character and charm of the house.

These details matter when you are trusted with a 1oo year old home and Warline does this better than anyone.

If you have a heritage house on the Vancouver Historical Registry and are considering restoring the exterior, give us a call and see what makes the Warline Way the right way for your heritage home.

From Our Customers

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