Top Five Interior Paint Products

Our painters get asked all the time about our favourite products and why we use certain products over others. So I thought instead of writing about design trends and predictions, which are in full swing on the blog circuit right now, I would share our top five interior paint products. 

Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint (K508)

This is all we use on ceilings. Period. When a product saves you time, it saves you money so regardless of what we are using on the walls or the budget of the job, this is our ceiling paint. It is flat. It provides excellent coverage with minimal flashing in challenging light situations and with dark colours. It sprays well and rolls well. K508 is the best ceiling paint on the market, hands down. .


Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa Paint Matte Finish (532)

For years kitchen and bath paints had an ugly glossy shine to provide the durability and easy-to-clean features needed in these spaces. We rarely recommended them though because no one wants a semi-gloss look to their walls, especially if they are using darker colours. That often posed a problem with staining and water marks, particularly behind towel bars and beside shower curtains. Benjamin Moore’s Bath and Spa paint solves that problem. It is specially formulated for humid environments, is available in Benjamin Moore’s complete colour palette and best of all comes in a matte finish.


Cloverdale Paint Performance Plus Super Acrylic II, Interior Latex Paint (43051)

This paint is our work horse. We use Super Acrylic II for residential interior repaints more than any other product. Why? Excellent performance, at a great price. When a customer is looking to save money on a painting project, one of the first things we will consider is how to lower paint costs. Cloverdale Paint’s Super Acrylic II delivers excellent coverage and durability for less money. .

Benjamin Moore ADVANCE Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint (790)

This stuff is amazing. Imagine a paint that cures hard like an oil paint, has superior self levelling properties so brush strokes are non-existent, sprays like a dream but is without any of the drawbacks of a conventional alkyd. ADVANCE is that product. Unlike traditional oil-based paints that have strong odours, require solvents for cleaning and run the risk of yellowing over time, Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE is a waterborne alkyd with low-VOC levels so there is way less smell and it cleans up with water. It is perfect for repainting kitchen cabinets and trim. This is an excellent performing product and our top painters look for any chance they can to use ADVANCE on a project. They like it that much.

Benjamin Moore Natura Zero-VOC Paint (513)

This zero-VOC paint does something that most other no-VOC paints don’t – it covers well. With more homeowners requesting the use of green products in their homes, we needed a good, environmentally friendly paint in our arsenal and Natura is our choice paint. We also like the odourless factor in this paint, making it great for homes with small children or people with allergies.

That’s our list for or top interior paint products.We will continue testing more products and more brands throughout the year. Part of being able to deliver exceptional service to our customers is being able to provide them with the best products for their painting jobs.

Have a painting project in Vancouver or the lower mainland? Need to find out the best product for your job? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to make an appointment.

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