The Year of the Deck - Warline Takes on Deck Refinishing in a Big Way

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you probably have a love hate relationship with your deck. Decks are absolute necessity for enjoying barbecues, cold beers and long summer evenings in Vancouver but decks spend their winters in hibernation under a lot of rain, darkness, fallen leaves and even snow.

That often wreaks havoc on wood decks and their finish.

We have seen our share of what we call “deck failure”. Beautiful newly stained decks that look great in the summer but by halfway through winter stain or top coat is peeling, the wood looks grey or worse. The homeowner is miserable. No one can explain why the product failed and they are often facing more work and money to remove what’s left of the old finish before trying again.

They call us looking for help.

We’ve decided at Warline to make decks a priority this year. Instead of dreading the calls inquiring about decks refinishing, we are embracing them. We just became Benjamin Moore Certified Stain Contractors, which means we are experts in what products to use and the proper prep and application Benjamin Moore’s line of Arborcoat, Premium Stains and Surface Prep products.

We also understand what makes deck products fail and that often it starts with the construction of the deck.

This year we are also going to be test driving a number of different stain products from various manufacturers. We are going to share those results with you. We believe that having a deck in the Pacific Northwest requires specific prep and products to deal with the extreme weather conditions that living in rainforest brings.

So stay tuned. We will be sharing lots of really good information for deck owners – even for the DIY’er. This might just be the summer your deck brings you just joy and no headache.

If you have a deck that took a beating this winter, give us a call and set up an appointment. Your deck might just get put on our product testing program this year.



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