the warline way

Our Code

The Warline Way started to take shape early on in our company. Whenever we hired a new painter, inevitably they would comment on something they were asked to do that seemed excessive or unnecessary. The comment was usually along the lines of “that’s not the way I’d do this”. 

In true Warline fashion, one of our crew, who well understood we aren’t about maintaining the status quo would answer “Well, this is the Warline way”.

We noticed it happening with our customers too.

“That’s not what my last painter was like” was and continues to be a pretty standard statement we hear from homeowners. Comments from our customers who were so taken aback by how differently we conduct ourselves and our attention to detail, was the inspiration for “We’re Not Your Typical Painters. We’re Better.”

Anyone that has hired Warline or worked on our team knows that we do things differently. That’s our whole point.

We want to change stereotypical image people have of painters. We are game changers.

We call it the Warline Way

The Warline Way is more than just a set of rules of conduct. It is more than just using the best equipment and paint available.

The Warline Way is a commitment.

  • It’s a commitment to our crew that we will always provide them with the tools, products and safety systems to do their job to the highest standards.
  • It’s a commitment to our crew that we will support their training and development.
  • It’s a commitment from our crew that they will always do what’s right and to the best of their ability, regardless of what is easier or more convenient.
  • It’s a commitment to our customer to treat their home with the upmost respect and regard.
  • It’s a commitment that if we make a mistake, we fix it.
  • It’s a commitment to our industry to keep learning new and better ways to do our job and teaching those skills to the next generation of painters.
  • It’s a commitment to our community to support it through service and involvement.
  • It’s a commitment to our families to build a company based on the values and principles we want our kids to develop.

To some it might seem a bit crazy to some that a painting company would have such lofty goals and high standards. Maybe. But we believe it doesn’t matter what you do or what your job is, if you are going to do something, you do it right.

So when you ask us why, don’t be surprised if the answer is “it’s the Warline Way.”

From Our Customers

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