The Magic Trick for Choosing the Perfect Colour

A few of my friends and colleagues have asked me why I haven’t written about the True Colour Expert Course with Maria Killam that I took three (okay almost four) weeks ago. Gosh, time goes by fast. Well, I’ve been busy guys. I’ve been working on new colour consultations and tweaking some of the ones I had already done but weren’t in paint production yet.

I really went into Maria’s course hoping I would learn the magic trick that designers use to pick the perfect colour. I did. Want me to tell you what it is? Well, you’re going to be disappointed but the magic trick is experience.

Nothing trumps experience.

Good designers and colour consultants are good because they work with colour day in and day out and as a result – they know what works. What you are paying for when you hire a professional colour consultant is that experience.

No matter how many décor magazines you subscribe to or how many showrooms you visit or how many paint chips you collect, nothing compares to putting colour on walls and seeing how that colour transforms. And believe me, it will.

Maria’s course was great for me because it helped me appreciate how valuable all the time I have spent in customer’s homes and onsite working with colour and paint, compared to sitting in a classroom learning colour theory. Maria has such a huge following on her blog and a stellar reputation because she has been working with colour for many years and she knows her stuff.

A good colour consultant has the ability to look at a space, see the undertones of the fixed elements and choose a colour that will tie the room together. But knowing the perfect colour that will work comes from experience working with colour and paint.

That perfect colour choice pulls the room together and is the difference between a nice room and a beautiful room. And that is magic.

They also know how to sample colours properly but that’s my next topic.



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