The Best Light Blue Exterior House Colours

I grew up in a blue house. Perhaps that is why blue is my favourite house colour.

I have written about blue houses in the past but it is time to update the list. Mostly because I used to only spec navy when it came to blue houses but in the last while I have been going lighter and lighter.

White Rock Coastal Home

Like this house, we painted in White Rock, BC.

The clients called me because they needed help choosing paint colours for the new home they were building in White Rock. They told me their inspiration for the colour palette were the colours from the Tommy Bahama store fronts. I actually went to the Tommy Bahama store and colour matched the colours for them. The store was in a mall and while the colours were beautiful, they were too strong for this house. We also needed a colour that let the beautiful windows and cedar wood soffits be the feature.

We toned it down and ended up with this stunning palette. I want you to notice how different the swatch looks from the actual images of the house. This is typical of what happens when you paint a house blue. It is a great example of what colour does on a large surface in natural light.

The owners tell me that they regularly have people stop and tell them how beautiful their house it and how much they love the colour. I’m not surprised. I love how they found the perfect awning for the upper deck as well.

The Only Blue House on the Block – And the Prettiest

This next house is one of my all time favourites. For two reasons. I love the colour and I loved working with these owners. We painted the interior first and then when Sue asked said she hated the that all the houses on her street were boring brown, I jumped at the chance to make her house the prettiest on the block. And it is.

There was a lot of white vinyl around this house and we wanted a nice crisp white to work with the trim. The front door was already the perfect yellow, painted on both the inside and outside to bridge the two.

Beauty from the Beast

This house didn’t just get a colour makeover, it got an entire facelift. The owners replaced the garage door, front door, siding, driveway and all the fixtures and lights on the house. This dramatic of an upgrade deserved a beautiful colour combination.

Again the stained garage door played a role in choosing blue for the palette. The rich creamy trim was in order to play off the siding and stained doors.

I really wish I had a better photo of this house. My picture does not do the colour justice.

The owners were re-landscaping so I held off on photos and still haven’t been back. I’ll be sure to get photos when we go back to do the interior of this house. In the meantime, you will have to trust me. This is a winning colour combination.



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