When Should You get the Outside of Your House Painted?

After a winter of working indoors and painting interiors, we are gearing up to head outside and start working in the sun; prepping and painting exteriors throughout Vancouver. But before we go outside, its time to share our favourite list.

We’ve sprayed, rolled, and brushed our way to what we think is the best of the best in interior paints for 2013.

Benjamin Moore Bath and Spa Matte Waterborne Interior Paint

Last year this product made our top five list for its performance in bathrooms because of its resistance to staining and watermarks, even when using dark colours. We’ve got a secret though. We’ve started using Benjamin Moore Bath and Spa Matte throughout entire houses. Customers love the smooth matte finish that provides a more scrubbable, cleanable surface, while still enjoying the full line of Benjamin Moore colours.

In addition, we’ve found Benjamin Moore Bath and Spa offers superior hide and coverage compared to Benjamin Moore’s traditional Aura Waterborne interior paint, which has addresses many of the issues we’ve experienced with two coat coverage when using lighter colours and whites.

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Can.

Cloverdale Paint Renaissance Interior/Exterior Waterborne Semi Gloss Paint

Last year Cloverdale Paint entered the waterborne alkyd market with its introduction of Renaissance. All of our painters agree that Cloverdale Paint knocked it out of the park with this paint. Easy spraying, excellent self-leveling, sag resistance and a stunning semi gloss finish has made this our go to product for interior trim.

Benjamin Moore Renaissance Paint Can.

Mythic Classic Interior Flat Paint

Zero VOC paints have never overwhelmed us when it came to performance. Coverage is usually average at best and most are only zero-VOC until colourant is added. Then along came Mythic. Now finally available in Canada. Originally developed for the U.S. navy for use in submarines Mythic is completely non-toxic, zero-VOC and almost completely odour free. Perfect for any customer with paint sensitivities or small children.

But Mythic doesn’t just stand alone for being such an environmentally friendly paint. It is also is a fantastic paint when it comes to performance. We preferred the Classic line to the Pro series due to better hide and less splatter. This is definitely our favourite non-toxic paint option on the market. It also has one more added feature that appeals to us – a stunning colour palette.

Benjamin Moore Mythic Paint Can.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint

Emerald is Sherwin Williams’ newest premium interior paint that offers customers a high performance paint while meeting strict VOC guidelines. However Emerald is on our list this year for another reason. When we test drove this paint, we were using deep base colours and the final finish left the walls with an almost iridescent quality to them. It was certainly not a traditional matte finish but when rich colours are being used, this paint really brings out the depth of the colour in the paint.

Benjamin Moore Emerald Paint Can.

Cloverdale Paint Performance Plus Super Acrylic II

For all the same reasons as last year, Super Acrylic II is on our list again. To this day it remains one of our favourite paints. Excellent coverage, a smooth, durable finish and at a price point well below its value, Cloverdale Paint Super Acrylic II offers our customers a lower cost, quality paint solution. And with the introduction of Cloverdale Paint’s new Artisan colour palette, finding the right colour is easier than ever.

Benjamin Moore Performance Plus Paint Can



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