The Almost Nicest Navy House

Now that I have cleared the air, it’s back to the business of calling out bad paint jobs.

This pretty navy-blue house almost made it on my nicest list.

I have always loved the combo of this dark navy and white. I thought the blue was Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC-154) but when I checked it against my fan deck it was closer to Benjamin Moore Blue Note (2129-30), which is a little greener and probably why I like it so much (blues with green undertones are at the top of my list for exterior house colours).

I also like the white they have used which reads as white but is actually quite creamy. I am not a huge fan of off-whites with rich blues because they often look dirty.

So how did this house end up on my Not So Nice list?

Because they painted the flashing on the roof blue.


One of the only things that bugs me more than sloppy paint jobs is stuff that shouldn’t be painted – being painted. This flashing is not part of the wall or the trim. It is part of the roof. It should have been painted in a colour as close to the roof colour as possible or not painted at all.

My guess is that too many paint drips found their way onto the flashing during the painting of the rest of the house and this was the quick fix solution to cover those drops. It doesn’t really qualify as a paint mistake but more of a bad paint decision.

You tell me, am I being too picky or is this painting sin bad enough to put this house on the Not So Nice list?



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