Should You Show a Contractor Your Other Bids?

Have you ever gone through the process of getting estimates from paint contractors and shown the contractor your other bids when you met with him? Did you wonder if it was a good idea to show him other bids?

Most of the advice out there is that it is a bad idea to let a contractor see other estimates and if the contractor himself asks to see them, consider it a red flag.

I disagree. I think it is absolutely okay to show a paint contractor the other estimates you have  – with one big condition. He has already presented his estimate for painting in writing. A good paint contractor can put together an estimate for painting without the benefit of seeing another contractor’s price. If he can’t, he shouldn’t be in business.

But once you have gotten your painting estimates, sitting down with one of them to compare the estimates can be a very good idea. Here’s why. 

Making Sense of Painting Estimates

You are not a painter. That is after all why you are hiring a professional painter, right? Taking advantage of his expertise and understanding of the painting process can help you determine whether you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges or worse – apples to a bag of apple peels.

The different parts of a painting estimate including the prep work being done, the products being used, the number of coats being applied, the application process and the warranty can all make a big difference in the cost of painting your house or building. While all your estimates might be similar in price, they could vary wildly on the work being proposed. In the end, the same price might not equal the same amount of work or the same quality of products.

So if you have a stack of painting estimates and can’t make heads or tails out of them and need some expert advice, why not set up an appointment with us and we can help you make sure the next painter you hire leaves you thinking, “that was a good idea”.



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