Project Name: Pretty in Pink in New Westminster

Scope of Work: Exterior painting and exterior restoration of New Westminster heritage house

Location: Queen’s Park, New Westminster

Complete: Summer 2012

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"Restoring a house like this back to its original condition takes more than just good painters. The restoration of project included extensive carpentry work as well as wood prep and repair before painting."

– Warren Nyline, President of Warline

New Westminster is the oldest incorporated city in the province. In its day it was a bustling mining town. The completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1886 through the city helped fuel its growth. Over the following 20 years a building boom resulted in the city being becoming rich in Victorian and Edwardian architecture, including pink houses. Queen’s Park and the surrounding areas of New Westminster are some of our favourite places to work.

The Captain house located near Queen’s park was restored and repainted by Warline in the summer of 2012. Warline’s team of heritage carpenters replaced many of the shingles. They were  individually cut to create the scalloped feature replicating the original design. Most of shingles on the lower roof line were replaced.

Extensive sanding and priming was done on the existing siding and trim. This is an important step to ensure proper paint adhesion.


The colour palette on this house remained the same using pinks from Benjamin Moore. Exterior painting of this house was done using Benjamin Moore Aura in flat for the siding and satin for the trim.

To offset the pink tones a softer colour was used on the details. Benjamin Moore Incense Stick (2115-20) was used on windows and the front door. It is a dark purply colour that was a good alternative to using black on the accents.

A bordered runner was painted on the steps using the accent colours on the house. It created a pretty affect and was a good way to hide foot prints on what would have been a cream set of stairs. The runner design was repeater on the front porch in the form of a matt. The finished look was a pretty front porch for sitting and enjoying the view.

In total five colours were used to paint this house. Something only a pretty painted lady could carry off so well.


Siding: Benjamin Moore Monticello Rose HC-63
Darker siding: Benjamin Moore Brown Teepee 2102-40
Trim: custom colour match
Accent Colour: Benjamin Moore Incense Stick 2115-20

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