When Should You get the Outside of Your House Painted?

I love it when I walk into a home that we have just finished painting and the homeowner is beaming with delight because they love their “new” home. That’s what happens when you change the paint colours in your home – when it’s done it feels like a new home.

Personally, I don’t think anything can have a greater impact on the feeling of a room, more than light and colour. It is why it is so important that the colour you choose for your room is the perfect one.

So, I have stepped up our colour consultations to the next level. Not only do I come armed with my collection of 11 X 14 painted sample boards when I first sit down with a customer but when we are doing a large job or a complete colour change for a home, I now follow up the appointment with full size poster board samples of the colours we have chosen.

I have always recommended sampling colours on the wall. Natural light, artificial light and exposure are just a few of the things can have a huge impact on how a colour will actually look in a room. Sampling is an important part of choosing the perfect colour.

But I have also learned (the hard way) that sampling paint on the walls can be a pain. It meant setting up in an area with drop cloths, a roller, tray, paint and then rolling off two coats, all while the customer was usually watching and chatting with me. The biggest problem with this scenario is that I am not a painter and watching me paint a sample on a wall makes that painfully obvious. The last thing you want a customer thinking when they hire a painting company is “can they paint?” Not to worry. All of the painters on Warline’s team are highly trained and professionals.  It’s just me that isn’t allowed near the paint in our company.

The second problem with sampling the colours on the wall was that if I wanted to see that sample on a different wall, I couldn’t exactly move it. It meant repeating the process.

My time is valuable. My customer’s time is valuable. I needed a better way.

Hello full size poster boards.

They are over 4 1/2 X 3 1/2 feet in size. They are flexible. They can be moved from wall to wall, room to room. Now all my samples are painted without the eyes of clients on my back.

Best of all, my clients love them.

We recently did a set for a customer that is repainting her entire house from one colour Benjamin Moore Grant Beige (HC-83) to seven beautiful sea-glass inspired colours from the new Benjamin Moore Colour Stories collection. Stunning colours but a huge change for an entire house, ceilings included, painted a single neutral colour.

Once we had chosen our colour palette, I made up a set of poster board samples and brought them to her. 

Interior designers love our poster-sized samples too. They make discussing colour with their own customers easier and decisions get made faster.

It’s part of the services we offer at Warline to help our customers make hiring the right painter an easy process. Professional advice and the right tools to help choose the perfect paint colours.

Do you live in Vancouver or the lower mainland and are considering painting your home? Does quality and professional service matter to you? Give us a call at Warline. We’ll be happy to sit down with you. You will find we are not your typical painting company.



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