Warline's In-house carpentyr services

Heritage Carpentry Services

Heritage houses are unique and often have lots of intricate wood details. They also often have a lot of old wood that have been exposed to the elements and multiple substrates. It requires a special skill set to work on these old houses and Warline’s in-house carpentry team has the experience to handle this work.

When old wood needs to be replaced, matching profiles and styles to existing trim is important. We make the transition from old wood to new seamless. Our team knows exactly how to tackle wood replacement and wood repair and when one is required over another.

These images show the some of our larger projects that have needed substantial wood repairs and replacements. Full sections of siding can be replaced, but smaller pieces in a section can be expertly removed and replaced. We value quality and expertise so once the project is complete the repairs are seamless with the rest of the house.

From Our Customers

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