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Painting New Westminster’s Heritage Homes

We are YOUR New Westminster painters!

The heritage homes of New Westminster require a special level of prep and painting. Some of our most featured work has been on the restorative painting of these special homes and our painting contractors know what is required to make these houses stand out when it comes to painting.

The interiors of these houses have special requirements, which are very different from painting newer homes. Often walls in kitchens and bathrooms, trim and doors have years of oil based paint layered on them. The oil based paints require special primers and a lot of prep to get ready for a new coat of paint. We know the right products to use in today’s eco-conscience world because we as a company value our environment. This means we can help you chose the right product to provide a beautiful, lasting finish.

When it comes to exterior painting of heritage homes, we are at our best. We have an extensive portfolio of beautiful work where we have brought some of the lower mainland’s oldest and most treasured homes to full restored beauty. Whether you need help with choosing heritage colours, picking the right paint or doing repair work on old wood trim, Warline Painting is here to help.

From Our Customers

The Warline Warranty

At Warline Painting our warranty is pretty simple.

We guarantee our work and the products we use for a minimum of two years. If during that time you have a problem, we come out and fix it. Not a whole lot of conditions. Why? Because we do the proper prep and cleaning before we start painting, we don’t paint over rotten wood and we use the right products on your house. If we see a potential problem, we bring it to your attention and address it before we paint. We also believe that all the reasons why a problem occurs are not nearly as important and getting the problem solved. So if in the rare case that there is a problem with the actual paint, we will deal with the paint company for you and we make sure that the problem is solved.

The Warline Way