New Mediterranean on NewWestminster Quay

Project Name: New Mediterranean on New Westminster Quay

Scope of Work: Colour Consultation and Full Exterior Repaint

Location: 3 Rialto Court and 6 Renaissance Square,  New Westminster

Complete: Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

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One of Warline’s largest and most challenging strata repaint projects to date was the repainting 3 Rialto and 6 Renaissance Square on the Quay of New Westminster. This waterfront condominium complex consisted of four stories and a large centre tower. The entire inside courtyard was a gated combination of gardens and large water fish filled ponds. The large archway on was the focal point with a waterfall cascading off the front of the complex.

These logistical challenges required an approach that addressed both efficiency and safety issues. The entire interior courtyard was scaffolded.

Scaffolding increased efficiency and also provided better access to the inside courtyard.

On the outer perimeter booms were used to provide access to high areas without needing to walk on dangerous clay tiled roof.  Access to balconies was also all done from exterior through scaffolding and booms. This caused less interruption and inconvenience for residents throughout the entire job. Booms provide mobile access for our crews. This means we can spend more time addressing high areas that are exposed to weather and sun and properly prep and protect surfaces that would normally get minimal attention. Doing the job right the first time, helps strata councils extend the life of the paint project.

Warline caused minimal interruption and inconvenience to residents. Balconies were accessed safely through from the outside.

With a complex as large as Rialto/Renaissance, communication with residents was a very important part of ensuring the job ran smoothly. Residents were provided with three days notice of power washing around their unit and again when Warline would be painting around their home. This on-going communication allowed for strata residents to close windows, move items from off decks and request help if they needed to move heavy items.

Even with more than one hundred individual residences, Warline received zero complaints from residents or neighbours during the completion of this project.

New Colour Scheme

Before Warline started painting we were advised that the strata was planning a significant colour change. Council was looking for guidance on colour options as well as how to approach the residents for approval on such a significant colour change. The plan was to use a combination of three or four colours in blocks of the buildings to mimic a Mediterranean city scape with boldly painted narrow buildings tightly lined up.


Warline started with a series of virtual mock ups to give the council options on colour and placement throughout the large complex. This helped the council visualize what the new scheme would look like.

The virtual mock ups also provided the added benefit for the paint crew to know exactly where the new colours would be used throughout this large complex.


Two colour schemes were selected by the strata council. We took the schemes and put together on two large posters that were displayed in the lobby of the complex. Residents had lots of opportunity to view the schemes and vote on the one they liked best. By providing two options to owners, council got feedback and input from homeowners and was able to confidently make their final decision.


In addition to virtual mockups Warline painted the final two colour schemes chosen on walls. This gave residents a good idea of the colour intensity of the various colour options. Generally this step is not required but when a colour change is as dramatic as this one, large samples help homeowners make decisions with confidence.

Large samples were used to help owners choose a colour scheme with confidence.

Once the project was completed, Warline provided the strata with a two year maintenance bond on the work completed. This is an often required requisite of large commercial and strata projects. Warline is bonded, licensed and maintains $5 million in liability coverage. This allows us to work on large projects such as this.

Today this large condominium complex is a prominent feature of the New Westminster Quay. The bold colours compliment the neighbourhood. 3 Rialto Place and 6 Renaissance Square is a perfect example of Warline at it’s best. It was a challenging project that was completed with efficiency, professionalism and excellent results.

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