Making the Case for Painting Wood Trim and Kitchen Cabinets

All too often I listen to husbands and wives argue over whether or not they should paint out the wood in their home (usually the wife’s position) vs. leaving the wood natural or re-staining it (usually the husband’s wish).

There is something about wood that makes people draw a hard line in the sand. They take it very personally.

One camp believes that nothing is as beautiful as wood, no exceptions. Once it is painted, that beauty is gone never to be seen again.

I (no surprise) am a member of the other camp. Painting wood lets the details of the architecture shine and many times that is where the real beauty is. The truth is every situation is different and every house has its own story. There are definitely times when the wood should shine. But it shouldn’t always.

This house in Vancouver is a perfect example of when to paint wood.

The house had been fully renovated a decade earlier and it was a beautiful home. However, the decision to stain the wood red throughout the entire house meant that the trim was the dominating feature of the home. Nothing else could compete against such a strong design statement.

After a decade of living with the red trim, the owners of this house were ready for a change. Staining the hand rail to match the floors helped provide some detail and finish off this stair case beautifully. There were numerous built ins throughout the entire home. All were painted white, same with the shutters.

This house went from barn red to coastal calm. Painting the wood allowed for the details of the architecture to be the feature of the home.

You can learn more about this project in our project profiles. If you have a house full of wood trim and are considering painting it, be sure call us. We’ll be happy to share these pictures with your spouse and help you win the argument.



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