In-house carpentry services

Carpentry Services at Your Convenience

Why use in-house carpentry?

It might seem strange that a painting company offers carpentry services but you will quickly see the advantages having access to talented carpenters brings to your painting project.

All too often wood rot and problems don’t become apparent until we start the process of cleaning or prepping your house. When that happens it can mean delays and added unexpected costs to your paint project.

Warline has built up a team of in-house carpenters to help manage these situations.

Our trained and experienced carpenters can take care of everything from wood rot, missing shingles, replacement of fascia and more. By having an in-house team we can quickly repair or replace wood on the exterior of your home without the need to bring in a third party contractor. This speeds up the completion of your paint job and allows for efficiencies and cost savings. We can utilize the same fall protection plans, tools and equipment and ensure all wood is back-primed before installation.

We’re able to work efficiently and quickly to keep your project moving on schedule.

If you have a house that you think might need more than just new paint, give us a call and we’ll schedule a walk around to help you get started on your projects.

Railing rebuilt and painted by Warline’s carpentry team.

From Our Customers

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