How To Prepare For Your Interior Paint Job

Once you have chosen Warline Painting for your painting project, you can rest assured you are in good hands. We do everything we can to make your painting project run smoothly and professionally.


Our production team will contact you a week before we are scheduled to come to your home and confirm all of the details of your job. Please have your colours confirmed by this time.

If you are having other renovations or work done in your house, it is important you discuss this with our production team. Construction dust can affect the quality of your final product and we want to ensure you get the best results possible.

Depending on the size of your painting project, it may be necessary for the crew leader of your job to contact you prior to the starting of your job. They will review the details of your project or set up a time to meet with you to review the project.

We have put together this checklist to help you prepare for our crew to come to your house.


  • Remove pictures from walls
  • Remove lamps, small accessories from tables, shelving and mantels
  • Closets: remove clothing and all contents if closets are to be painted
  • Remove contents of bookshelves and display cabinets
  • Remove dishes from china cabinet
  • Grandfather clocks, antiques and art pieces should be secured or removed from area
  • Pianos or other “professional mover” items are the responsibility of the homeowner to relocate
  • Remove towels, rugs, and accessories from bath and powder rooms
  • Take down curtains and draperies
  • Computer and stereo equipment, phones and all electronic equipment should be unplugged from the wall
  • Make any necessary arrangements for pets


Once you have completed your checklist on the previous page, we’ll take care of everything else. Warline Painting will do the following:

  • Move all large furniture (except pianos and art pieces) and group in center of the room
  • Take down window blinds
  • All floors and carpeting will be covered with drop cloths
  • Ensure all extra work to be done has been signed off by the customer before it is completed
  • Each room area will be vacuumed and furniture will be put back in place upon completion of the job
  • Rubbish and empty paint containers will be removed from the job
  • Leftover paint cans will be marked and left for you


Our crew hours are generally 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

If you have not met with the crew leader of your job prior to the start of the project, you will need to be available to meet with them on the morning of the first day of the job. We complete a homeowner orientation to ensure we have all the details of your project and this is a very important step in our process. We cannot start your project without completing a homeowner orientation.


The Crew Leader for your project will keep you updated on the progress of work. Depending on the size of your project they will let you know a couple days in advance when they expect to complete your job.

It is important you are available to meet with the crew leader on the last day of the project, before they wrap-up to do a walk through and review the work completed. Please schedule this directly with your crew leader.

  • Complete a final walk through
  • Review care of your home
  • Receive touch up paint and closing pack
  • Review invoice
  • Complete report card
  • Payment can be made by cheque to Warline Painting or by etransfer

Our systems are in place to make sure your painting project runs smoothly. At any time you have a concern, you can call us and talk to our management team to answer any question you might have.

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