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The Advantages of Hiring Warline to Paint Your Heritage House

The difference between hiring experts in heritage house restoration and repainting compared to other painting companies is simple. Experts increase the value of the home when they are done. We are Experts.

If you are planning on repainting or restoring your heritage home, sit down with Warline. We will provide you with the steps necessary to not only restore your heritage home, but properly maintain it for years to come and show you the advantages of choosing us to paint your home.

We refer to it as The Warline Way:

  • Our initial walk around of your home is in-depth. We will show you areas of concern and determine the condition of your heritiage house with you. We are thorough so that you have the knowledge of what exactly needs to be done.
  • We follow-up our meeting with a detailed, written estimate. Our estimate outlines exactly what we will do, the products we will use and what is involved in the project to get it done right.
  • We work with expert craftsmen skilled in heritage home carpentry repairs. If there is wood repairs and replacement required, its done to the highest standards and in keeping with the original design and style of the house.
  • We offer expert advice in heritage colour selection. We’ve worked with experts in historical preservation and restoration. We will investigate the original colours of the house and help you choose the perfect colour palette for your heritage home.
  • We take lead paint removal seriously. Although, not yet regulated in Canada, at Warline we consider the health hazards of working with old houses that have lead paint to be serious. We work with the best practices in lead paint removal and remediation.
  • We sand dust-free. Not only on lead paint houses but on all of our projects. We use HEPA certified dust extractors and Festool sanding equipment giving our painters advantages that most don’t of a clean aired workplace.
  • We work safe. That means we use scaffolding whenever possible and adhere to rigid safety protocol.
  • We take care of your home and your property. We cover your furniture and protect your plants. Any area that is not being painted is protected.
  • Our exterior prep work is exhaustive. Whether we are cleaning, repairing and replacing wood trim or filling in nail holes, we make sure that the work that goes into getting your home ready to paint is as thorough as the painting we do.
  • Finally, you get our two-year full warranty in addition to applicable product warranties. We also offer annual maintenance programs to help you ensure you stay ahead of problems in the future.

From Our Customers

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