When Should You get the Outside of Your House Painted?

If you are re-painting anything more than just a couple of rooms in your home, the prep and work involved in a proper paint job can be a real inconvenience on home life and routines. Moving furniture, having crews in your home and working around the disruption can be a hassle. If you are adding closets, ceilings and trim to the scope of work, the job will take that much longer and require that much more coordination and organization.

I often have homeowners say,

“I wish I could just go on vacation and come home to it all done.”

It’s not just wishful thinking. We do this for customers all the time.

But if the idea of having an extensive amount of work done in your home while you are out of town makes you a bit weary – relax.

Here’s why hiring Warline for your next interior repaint project can give you the feeling of still being on holidays, even after you return home.

Warline Painting is a Company You can Trust

It’s easy to do your due diligence on us. We are accredited with the BBB. We are fully insured. You can read testimonials from happy customers on our website or on the independent review site Homestars. We are happy to put you in contact with any of our past and current customers so you can be 100% comfortable with our company and your decision to trust Warline with your home. We’ve been in business for seven years, serving homeowners all over Vancouver, Surrey and the lower mainland. We aren’t going anywhere.

Here’s another difference between Warline and the other guys. Our painters and workers are employees, not subcontractors. When it comes to working in a customer’s home, this is so important. We don’t sub out our work to a third party so you have no idea who is in your home. It’s our crew and our employees doing the work. And even when you are not there, our painters are always adhering to Warline’s Code of Conduct.

4 Benefits of Going on Vacation While Your House is Being Painted


It’s efficient.  Because we don’t need to completely clean up and make your home livable every evening, we can work faster and more efficiently.

There is no smell.  Depending on the products we are using, sometimes there can be an odor with primers and even some low VOC paints.

No inconvenience.  Working around moved furniture, emptied closets or cleaned out bookcases can be hard on a family and a routine.

The big reveal.  Coming home to a newly painted house can make the long trip back home almost as exciting as going on vacation.

We are Experts

If you are doing a large paint job and you are not going to be there it’s even more important that you have hired experts. Colour transitions, minor repairs that might have been hidden behind furniture are just a sample of some of the little issues that can pop up. You absolutely can rest assured we will address these concerns and handle them with expertise.

We Give You Colour Confidence

Our professional colour advice means you can have complete confidence in the paint colours you have chosen for your home. We’ll help you put together a complete colour palette and we’ll make you large poster sized paint samples to help you really see the colour you have chosen – before it goes on the walls. It means you don’t need to be waiting for the first coat to go up to see if you really like the colour.

You Can Track The Transformation

While you sip a Pina Colada in Cancun or enjoy a Red Stripe in Montego Bay, we’ll send you updates by Facebook and/or email so that you can see the work in progress and the transformation of your home. You can share the photos with friends and family from the comfort of your lounge chair. They will be envious for more reasons than one.

You Don’t Come Home To A Mess

Our dust-free equipment means you don’t come home to a cleaning project. We have invested in Festool’s line of dust extractors systems. They are HEPA certified and remove 99.7% of the dust created. This means we sand, prep, paint and clean up dust free. What else do we do? We put your furniture back where it belongs. If there is large artwork or lights fixtures that need re-hanging after painting, we do that too. We tidy up, clean up and lock up.

So next time you are planning your family vacation, consider using that time to have the interior of your home repainted. You might just find that it feels like the vacation doesn’t end when you come home.



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