Festool Helps Warline Painting Leave the Competition in the Dust

Warline is not your typical painting company. 

That sentence has become my opening line to anyone interested in our company. We stand apart from our competition. We give our painters the best tools, the best products and the best training to help them exceed our customers expectations on every job we do. That’s a pretty atypical attitude for most painting companies in Vancouver.

When it comes to our equipment, Festool is our top choice. Why? Because they are the best in power tools and extractors.

Festool was founded in 1929 when they developed the first portable chainsaw that revolutionized that industry. Today they are an industry leader in portable power tools. Their goal is to design and deliver power tools to help tradesmen work Faster, Easier, Smarter.

And they do.

Warren had the opportunity to visit Festool’s Indiana headquarters and test drive some of Festool’s newest innovations for the painting industry. It was a great chance for Warren to learn about Festool’s line and also give Festool feedback as they expand marketing their products within the painting industry. He was blown away by the performance and quality of these tools.

Festool’s entire product line is built around systems. Tools, sanders, extractors and systainers all work together to improve performance, increase productivity and create efficiency. The benefit for us is obvious but what does that mean for our customer?

For our customer it means better service and better value.

We can repaint a home to the highest level of quality work without enduring the dust that comes with drywall repairs or wood refinishing. Festool’s extractors do that 99.7% completely dust free and HEPA certified. It is cleaner and a dust free environment is healthier for our customers, their families and our crew. Festool’s sanders perform so well that by using them, we save time in prep on major restoration work. That means our customers benefit from prep work done better and more efficiently.

We were in Las Vegas for the PDCA National Expo, meeting with the Festool team at their booth, checking out more of their equipment and getting to know their product line. Over the next few months we will be test driving some of their products, sharing our results here on our blog and showcasing some of our latest projects where we use Festool products.

Better tools are part of what make Warline a better company.

Festool’s line of tools and extractors help us in our commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations in every job we do. Not only is Festool is helping Warline stand apart from the competition but we are leaving them in the dust. Looking to hire the best?

Like the idea of a dust free home while you get your renovations done? Give us a call.

We’ll be happy to sit down with you and show you why Warline isn’t your typical painting company.


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