Fall Round Up - The Best Exterior House Colours for 2011

As the season for exterior house painting wraps up in Vancouver, I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of my favourite exterior colour combinations from this summer.

I was itching to combine charcoal and green all summer long. I had seen the combination on a house and thought the was fresh and updated. I recommended a lot of greens this year but none had that soft sagey colour that I had been longing to use and none of them were paired with a dark trim.

Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 1
Benjamin Moore AF-560 Flint
Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 2
Benjamin Moore HC-114 Saybrook Sage
Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 3
Benjamin Moore AF-650 Caponata



Finally, I had a homeowner with the perfect house looking for the perfect house colour and I knew this was the place to put this combination together. We paired Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage (HC-114) with a charcoal grey similar to Benjamin Moore Flint (AF-560). Ooooh, I love this combination. My homeowner chose Bristal Blue (a special order Benjamin Moore exterior colour) for her front door because she wanted a change from the existing red doors she had. But she could have easily kept the rich red doors like Benjamin Moore Caponata (AF-650).

I also fell for an unexpected colour combination this year. Grey and Orange. Grey is today’s most popular neutral, replacing brown for exterior house colours. What got me onto this particular combination was seeing grey along side cedar trim and features on a house. The orangey red cedar pops beautifully against grey and everytime I see a house with this combination, I do a double take (the good kind). I’ve paired Benjamin Moore Buttered Yam (AF-230) with Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray (HC-167) to show how well the two colours work together, but I think it works well with a lighter grey as well.

Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 4
Benjamin Moore 2142-60 November Rain
Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 5
Benjamin Moore HC-167 Amherst Gray
Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 6
Benjamin Moore AF-230 Buttered Yam



At the moment, Benjamin Moore Buttered Yam (AF-230) is hands down my favourite orange. Especially for door colours. And I am not alone. Colour expert, Maria Killam called Buttered Yam the new orange for 2012 in her popular blog Colour Me Happy.

I had never spec’d yellow for a house and technically I still haven’t. But I did come close this year. It’s a long story, which I will save for another article but I bring it up because I sampled lots of yellows and found one I just love. Benjamin Moore Soleil (AF-330) is a fresh and  lovely yellow, perfect for a beachside cottage. With a black roof, white trim, a glossy black door this colour is stunning. It would also be really nice for a Mediterranean style house with a red tile roof. I’ve paired it here with Benjamin Moore Almost Black (2130-10) because it has very subtle purple undertone which compliments this yellow so nicely.

Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 7
Benjamin Moore OC-45 White Wing
Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 8
Benjamin Moore AF-330 Soleil
Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 9
Benjamin Moore 2130-30 Almost Black



This final combination below comes from a fellow True Colour Expert. Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray (HC-105) is a staple in my exterior colour collection but Ellen Rhett, a True Colour Expert in Birmingham, AL was looking for a darker colour for shutters to go with Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (OC-20). I suggested Benjamin Moore Durango (2137-30) and when I put these three colours together, I decided this was easily going to be a combination I would be using next year. So there you go. You even get a little preview for 2012. Thanks Ellen.

Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 10
Benjamin Moore OC-20 Pale Oak
Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 11
Benjamin Moore HC-105 Rockport Gray
Paint Swatch By Benjamin Moore 2011 # 12
Benjamin Moore 2137-30 Durango



So what were your favourite exterior colour combinations from this year? Thinking about what colour you are going to paint your home next year? Make sure you give us a call and set up an appointment so we can find your perfect colour combination.



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