Exterior painting warranty

Understanding Paint Warranties

Paint warranties can be misleading. Some painting companies claim to offer 10 or even 15 year warranties but when you read the fine print (or ask the right questions) it’s actually a warranty on the product only and it doesn’t cover the cost to repair and repaint the problem surface.

A product warranty is very different than a services warranty. The majority of service warranties are full of exclusions and omissions of what is isn’t covered and provide endless loopholes and excuses to void the warranty. These warranties can leave you with a pail of paint, a problem wall and no one willing to fix it.

Warline's Warranty Has You Covered

We believe that a warranty should be simple and straightforward. 

We know that it doesn’t matter to you why a surface is blistering or peeling and whether the problem is due to application or paint failure. You just want it to be fixed. And that is what you get with our warranty. If at any time, for two years after we have finished your exterior painting project, you have a problem, we come out and fix it at no cost to you. During the duration of the product warranty, if there is a problem with the paint, we will deal with the manufacturer for you so you don’t have to.

How we can offer such a full warranty? It’s simple. We don’t paint over rotten wood. We do a thorough cleaning of all surfaces before we paint them. We do the proper prep before we start painting and we use the right paint and products for your specific job.

You see, when the job is done right, from the beginning it is easy to stand behind our work. 

It’s all part of why we’re not your typical paint company. WE’RE BETTER.

From Our Customers

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