Colour the warline way

Getting Colour Right

Getting colour right requires the right approach. Warline’s in-house colour consultation team has a system to ensure you have complete confidence in the colours you choose for your home – even before painting gets started.

It starts with an in home visit. Unlike going to a paint store and talking to their in-store colour person, Warline comes to you. That way we can really understand your home and the furnishings you have. If gives us the opportunity to see floors, fireplaces lighting, window coverings, counters and anything else that will help us choose the perfect colours for your space.

We bring our large samples with us so you can really see colour. Painted on 11 X 14 poster board, our collection includes over 400 colours from Benjamin Moore, Cloverdale Paint, Farrow & Ball and Sherwin Williams. These large samples allow you to see the undertones of the colour and determine which colour will work best in your space.

We’ll follow it up with large samples if needed. Sometimes seeing a colour on an even larger scale helps. We never recommend painting samples directly on walls. Instead we paint our samples on large 22 X 24 posters. You can move them around, hang them on the wall for a few days, mull over your colours and really be sure you’ve got the right colour for your home.

From Our Customers

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