Bigger vs. Better – What Type of Vancouver Painting Company is Warline?

Last week I posted a blog that mentioned we were completely booked for exterior repaints this year and now booking for next spring. With today’s weather forecast, it is a good thing that we are not taking on any more exterior paint projects in Vancouver this year.

I got quite a bit of feedback on that article, with the general comment and question being “why not hire more guys?” Sigh. If only it was so easy. Sure, we could hire a bunch of “painters” to increase production and workload. But at what cost? The painting industry is a service business.

We have distinguished ourselves by doing only quality work and committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations on every job we do. It is the reason we are able to offer such a full and no-exceptions warranty. There are companies who take on as much work as possible through low balling prices and hiring as much labour as necessary to get the work done. The problem is becomes very difficult to manage quality.

If you are getting jobs because you are low balling the prices, you need to lower your labour costs to still make a profit. Low labour costs mean low quality labour. Low quality labour means low quality work.

Stack that on top of a high volume of work and quality is going to suffer. That’s not a very good long-term strategy for building a successful business in my books.

I am not as interested in being the biggest in our industry as I am in being the best. And you can’t get to be the best sacrificing on quality. That means hiring only talented painters and demanding a high level of quality of work from everyone on our team.

It’s not that being the best and being the biggest are exclusive either. Far from it. But being the best is a far better way to get to the top of the ladder.

Having a team of painters who take pride in their work is evident in the hundreds of testimonials we have. Our work force takes longer to build, but ensures we stay true to our brand and our commitment to our customers.

With that…

If you are painter or a paint contractor in the lower mainland, and are looking to join a company that is as driven to do quality work as we are, call or email us.

We are growing and are looking for talented painters to join our team.

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