Benjamin Moore Colour Stories Give Warline's Customers a Full Spectrum of Colour

I just love colour. I love the transformation colour can have in a space.

I also love colour that has the ability to transform. I mean a colour that can look one way on a wall in the morning and in the evening look completely different. Colour that can act like a mood ring on your walls. The word experts use to describe this is luminosity.

I live in Vancouver, Canada and we get the full range of weather, seasons and even sunlight throughout the year. That means the colour we paint our rooms has to work in the dead of winter when we barely get eight hours of daylight as well as in the summer when dusk lasts forever and the sun sets well after dinner. Colour that is luminous can make that happen.

Not everybody wants their walls to have that range and depth of colour but for those that do, a much anticipated launch of a dimension in paint colours has finally come to Canada.

Over the last week Benjamin Moore has been rolling out Colour Stories across its top stores in Canada. Colour Stories are Benajmin Moore’s new Full Spectrum Colour Collection. They are a collection of 240 new colours that are created without the use of any black or grey and unlike most colours that are formulated with three pigments, full spectrum colours are created by mixing between five and seven colours.

The end result is colour that is richer, purer and more vibrant.

What I find unique about Colour Stories is just how much colour is in each of these colours. Even the most lightest of colours such as Barely There literally transforms into a soft grey blue when applied to the wall. These paint colours can be underestimated on a paint chip and they really need to be seen on a wall to fully appreciate and properly sampled to get a good feel for them.

Another unique quality about Colour Stories is that the fan decks and sample paint chips are made with real paint. I can’t even imagine the process involved in the production of these samples and fan decks. But I’m glad they do it. The difference is complete accuracy in colour, which can only be delivered in Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint products. They are colours that are un-matchable and truly unique to Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Colour Stories are beautiful. We will be showcasing them in a few of our upcoming projects and I will be writing more about Colour Stories and where to use full spectrum colour in your own home.

In the meantime, if you love colour, take a trip over to the Benjamin Moore Fleetwood or North Delta Paint and Decorating and check out their new Colour Stories display.

Are you looking to add colour to your life and your home? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to meet with you and help you find the perfect colours for your space. We’ll also show you why Warline isn’t your typical painting company.



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