Your White Rock Painters


We love South Surrey and White Rock house painting. The sun shines more often; the boardwalk and beach are a constant draw and the sunsets are spectacular.

But these homes need special care from their White Rock painters. Winds and rain brought in from the Strait of Georgia can be harsh on the exteriors of homes. They need the right products to protect them. White Rock painting requires a special touch, because the additional sun exposure effects paint life.

We are specialists in the extensive requirements that go into painting West Coast waterfront homes that are prevalent throughout White Rock and Crescent Beach. We understand the affect weather has on wood and the products needed to best protect it and we can safely manage our way around houses built on slopes and cliffs overlooking the ocean.

As a White Rock painting company, Warline is also a pro at taking care of cedar decks and patios that need regular care and maintenance to survive the many weather changes they are exposed to throughout the year.

And don’t forget about painting the interior of your White Rock home. Our team includes White Rock professional painters like Heidi Nyline, our in-house expert colour consultant to help you choose the perfect palate for your home. Our team does impeccable work, so you will get as much enjoyment looking at the inside of your home as you do from the view from it.

Side View of Custom White Rock Home Brought to Life with Interior and Exterior Painting by the Water

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