Our Dedicated Team of Painters


We couldn’t deliver our high standards and quality service if we didn’t have a great crew behind us. Warline’s talented and dedicated team of painters, helpers and support staff allow us to deliver the best in painting and customer service to every customer – every time.

At the core of our team are our Team Leaders. These are experienced, professional painters who specialize in key painting techniques and processes. Our Team Leaders run tight crews and follow a strict quality control processes and even stricter safety guidelines. They are responsible for making sure the Warline code of conduct is always being adhered to.

Whether the project involves the exteriors of an entire new subdivision or the painting of a ceiling in a grand entrance of a fine Shaughnessy home, Warline has the right team for the job.

Are you a painter that thinks you have something positive to bring to the Warline team? Check out our careers page and learn more about becoming part of the Warline team.

Warline Painting Attaches & Paints New Front Door to North Vancouver Home

Their excellent service and the quality of their results consistently exceed our expectations. The management and supervision they provide means that their schedules, safety procedures and performance standards all integrate seamlessly with our own. I can say without reservation it is an absolute pleasure to work with Warline.

Ron Rapp, VP Construction, Morningstar Homes