about our photographs

What You See is What You Get

One of the things we often get asked about is the photographs on our website. Customers are surprised to by the quality of the pictures throughout our site. They are usually surprised to learn all of the photos are of our own work.

We think one of the best ways that we help you see what we are capable of is with photos. After all, a picture says a thousand words.

However, unlike some painting companies that use stock images of pictures to “represent” what painting can do, we only use photos on our website of projects we’ve worked on. Sometimes we’ll share images that inspire us on social media or our blog but when it comes to marketing, we think you need to see what we’re actually doing for other clients.

To us, it’s no different than a bake shop using pictures of cakes they would like to bake instead of ones they had actually baked or an interior designer using photos of rooms she likes instead of rooms she had designed.

If we have collaborated on a project with other trades or professionals we’ll do our best to let you know too. For example, the talented person behind all of the beautiful photos on our site is Ina Van Tonder.

About Sharing

We are always flattered when someone likes our work and wants to share it with their friends. We just ask that you make sure you provide credit back to Warline when you use our images. Professional courtesy means we don’t have to compromise our images with watermarks. If you’d like to use an image for print or marketing, just drop us a line and we can discuss it more.