10 Questions to Ask a Paint Contractor BEFORE You Make the Hire

Are you looking for a quality paint contractor to help you with your residential paint project in the greater Vancouver area?

We could say to you, “look no further” but we actually think you should. That’s how confident we are that you will be impressed by Warline Painting. When you check out other painting contractors, ask the following questions:

  1. Are their estimates in writing, detailed and firm in price?
  2. If their price is significantly lower than other estimates you have received, ask them how they can do your job properly for so much less: Are they using the quality of paint you are expecting? How many hours of labour are they expecting the job to take and of those hours, how many are for prep and how many are for painting?
  3. What kinds of services do they offer when it comes to colour recommendations and advice?
  4. Are they an accredited BBB business?
  5. Can they provide you with references for jobs of similar size and quality?
  6. Are they properly licensed, insured and in good standing with Worksafe BC?
  7. What kind of quality control standards do they have in place?
  8. What code of conduct and safety precautions do their painters adhere to?
  9. Do they expect you to point out deficiencies or do they take the time to inspect their own work and properly do touch-ups?
  10. Do they give you a minimum two-year warranty in writing?


There are literally hundreds of paint contractors in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Choosing a painting company that provides the right combination of quality service and value for your dollar is not always easy, but painting your home is an investment in its value and deserves the serious investment of your time to make sure it is done right.



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